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Welcome to Android

Let's customise your device to be
as unique as yourself.

"Be together, not the same"

Connect to a WiFi network.

Get acces to the interweb.

  • signal_wifi_4_bar

    It hurts when IP

  • signal_wifi_4_bar


  • signal_wifi_4_bar


  • signal_wifi_4_bar

    Home WiFi

  • signal_wifi_4_bar

    Living room

Do you have a Google account?

Login to get all your data from your account.



Customise settings

Settings you might want to change right now.

  • fingerprint

    Setup your fingerprint scanner for more safety.

  • wb_cloudy

    Activate Google Now to get updates on weather, news and lot's more.

  • get_app

    Choose the default apps you would like to have installed.

  • do_not_disturb_on

    Setup a schedule for when you don't want to be disturbed.