Vita Simulare

To simulate life

Vita Simulare

The year is 2073.
As result of research over many years, scientists from the InGen biotech company have finally made a breakthrough. By combining nanotechnology, gene-editing and biotechnologie they have created a synthetic group of bacteria.
The organisms show all signs of life. They can sustain themselves and replicate. They can move without help and can even adapt to new situations.

You, a famous biologist, have to research the new bacteria. You have to decide if it can really be considered living.
Because it is unlike any other species you can't rely on anything you know. You have to start at the beginning and test everything.

InGen says they created three different species of bacteria. The different species are adapted to different enviromental factors:

  • Lucarium Rubrum is adapted to high and low temperatures.
  • Lucarium Caeruleus has a high tolerance for acidity.
  • Lucarium Viridis can survive in toxic enviroments.

To study the species you have set up a new microscope capable of detecting a lot of info about bacteria. It keeps track of all bacteria in its view and measures their speed, age, species and even stored energy.
You have several dishes with a constant enviroment that can supply food to the bacteria. You can change the conditions to see how the bacteria respond.

You also have some paper and, of course, your working music.

Set the conditions for the experiment



0 °C 40 °C


5.5 8.5

Toxin concentration

0 kgm3 15.6 kgm3


6e7 ATPs 1.6e8 ATPs
Start the experiment